Toyota Australia CRM

I let this become one of those projects that takes over my working life because I loved working on it. As with any major innovation in an established culture, it was an uphill struggle at times. So it was incredibly satisfying to be at the forefront of this project, and I felt a tremendous sense of pride when it was successfully implemented. Over a two year period I owned this project at the DM agency, and followed this up with a secondment where I supported and drove the change management at TMCA as 2IC to the project owner, the National Direct Marketing Manager.

As it was such a detailed project, it’s worth taking a minute to look at some of the intricacies of my role on it. I created internal and external communications strategies,
wrote change management communications, and briefed and managed multiple Advertising and Data agencies on the communications templating. I also wrote regular change management reporting communications to the business.
I spent time maximising current, and creating new communication channels within the business to help achieve internal traction for the program.

I educated multiple internal and external stakeholders on the project, using written and verbal communications to allow them to accurately utilise the P&CRM Program, and in turn to educate their teams. I was in the unique position to brief, and later write, communications for the program. I stuck my nose into every corner of the project, gaining invaluable experience and loving the privilege of living a huge and respected brand.

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