Telstra Check-In

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Some of Telstra’s 6.5 million customers weren’t finding resolutions to their problems, resulting in a declining Net Promoter Score (NPS).


We created the Check-In service to ask “Can we do better for you?” We empowered all Telstra staff to make Check-In calls and solve customer problems, no matter how high they had to go. Each customer got a detailed 12-month usage analysis with plan and usage recommendations. Every customer had the chance to Check-In via DMs, eDMs or SMS. A dedicated Check-In bus visited remote areas, and we launched Check-In Week, with geo-targeted banners and over 90 location specific radio spots, directing customers instore to experience Check-In for themselves.


  • Over 4.4 million personalised communications.
  • More than 97,000 successful Check-Ins made, and over 71,000 in store visits during Check-In week
  • Over 119,000 Check-In calls made by Telstra staff.
  • +5 NPS lift across the whole customer base.


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