Wonderland by Myer

Storytelling Assets

  • Pitch Decks
  • Mood film script and VO
  • Brand Tone creation and narrative
  • Customer Journey
  • Lift script and sound loops
  • Town Crier scripts
  • Wayfinding Signage
  • Poetry for staff talent recruitment


This storytelling inspired a handcrafted approach, and illustrative specialist Scenes by Dean created over 2,500 individual hand drawings to bring to life experiences so spectacularly unique, they became a tourist destination.

A 12 week timeline didn’t stop our big dream; to bring the wonder back to retail. We imagined and delivered a world above the clouds, refitting the entire top floor of Sydney’s flagship Myer store, with a 250 sq metre interactive dome, rocket lift, high street, specialist shops, pop-ups, park and more.


The results speak for themselves: year on year childrenswear sales improved by 8.2%, toys by 15.2%. Our foot traffic outperformed the rest of the store by 470%, and NPS outperformed the rest of the store by 130%.


Wonderland has so far picked up almost 2 dozen global awards, including a record breaking 10 at the 2017 POPAI Awards; 2 Silver, 4 Gold, 2 Best in Class, The People’s Choice and The Tom Harris Best in Show.


Wonderland Film

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