Your customers are my priority
I’m going to be really upfront about that, because it’s what sets me apart. It means I ask questions to understand you, and the drivers, goals and customers of your brand. Once I know the answers, I’ll create strategically driven, data lead storytelling, to forge long lasting, committed and mutually beneficial brand-customer relationships.
Copywriting isn’t just words
I’m not just about pretty words for the sake of them. I’m about telling a story so powerful, you leave people with no choice but to be moved by it. To act. To buy. To visit. From toothpaste to tickets to the opera; online, offline, experiential, you name it – it doesn’t matter what your product, channel or budget is, it matters that you make a connection, and you keep it.
Success is measurable
Once I know what you’d like to achieve, I’ll go all out to help you get it.
From ROI to NPS, I’m fully versed in acronym based ratings of success, and I promise none of your KPI’s will frighten me.
I find out what success looks like for you and your brand, and work with you to deliver that goal to your customers, and so to your brand, every time.
Now seems a good time to mention that my work has been repeatedly awarded for both Efficiency and Creativity, so you can trust that my brand of data lead storytelling really.does.work.
Get in touch
Email me at jendobbiecopy@gmail.com
If you’d like some more info before you make that call;
Take a look at the Home page for examples of words that work.
Check out my client list here.
Find out what I’m really like to work with, here.
And louder for those at the back … get in touch on 0450 963 614 or at jendobbiecopy@gmail.com

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